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Wildwind – leading the fleet - the beach paradise holiday for serious sailors!

For almost 30 years now the Wildwind centre in Vassiliki on the Greek island of Lefkas has become known as the top location in Europe for windy afternoons and perfect beach sailing conditions.  Offering the widest selection of dinghies and catamarans of any sailing centre in the world, superlative sailing conditions, and boasting staff that are universally recognised for their friendliness and personal attention, not to mention their sailing skills (some have even gone on to win Olympic medals) the flagship Wildwind centre is open from May until October.

Unsurprisingly our reputation in the sailing community is really superb. At Wildwind, people know what they’re getting: an amazing, safe and cutting-edge sailing experience in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. 

Our Mauritius centre opened in 2014 and runs virtually all year round, providing again excellent sailing conditions albeit with a smaller fleet but with the same personal attention and commitment to excellence as our Vassiliki centre.  Whereas the wind in Vassiliki has a pattern of light winds in the morning followed by fresh cross shore winds in the afternoon, you’ll find more ‘normal’ winds in Mauritius, usually with strengths between Beaufort Force 2 and 4 – perhaps more in the ‘comfort’ zone for many.  The sailing area is divided into 2 separate regions – both inside and outside the reef, inside providing ideal conditions for novices and inter-mediates perfecting techniques, while outside the reef conditions can be more challenging – often with long ocean swells making our ‘Sail-Away’ days exploring the offshore islands and beaches a truly rewarding and memorable experience.

At our Greek sailing centre we also offer our unique ‘Healthy Options’ programme, ideal for partners who do not sail, or for anyone wanting to relax after a hard day on the water. Yoga, Pilates and other fitness clas-ses are held daily just yards from the beach, along with a wide range of other fun activities such as herbal walks, aqua-safaris, guided bike rides and walks through the beautiful olive and orange groves behind the centre.

Both centres are RYA recognised, and we offer a wide range of RYA courses and instructions at no extra charge wherever you choose to go on holiday.

Having travelled as far as Mauritius it would be a shame not to explore this extraordinary island, and we offer you the chance to ‘trade’ some of your sailing days for other activities/excursions that will allow you to experience a little more of Mauritian life, be it on, near or under the water.  Please see our Mauritius or our Prices page for more details of this great opportunity.

While we don’t yet offer our ‘Healthy Options’ programme in Mauritius, as you’ll see on our 'Accommodation' page, our hotel also offers a spa with excellent massages and treatments - a chance to really pamper yourself  and at very reasonable prices too.

Who comes on our holidays?

Our largest groups of guests typically comes from Northern Europe, especially the UK, Germany, Holland and Sweden – though we also have agents in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium and South Africa leading to a varied group of guests. Most of the instructors speak English, but we are able to offer instruction in French and usually German.

Supporting the sailing community

Over the years, Wildwind has sponsored a number of events and organisations, including national Hobie Cat Class Associations and World and European Championships, the UK Laser Class Association by way of their Grand Prix and Laser Masters Series, the East Coast Piers Race, Lymington Town Sailing Club, the Solent Forts Race and, of course. the Vassiliki Watersports Festivals organised in association with the Lefkas and Greek municipal and regional councils.

In Mauritius we support the Mauritian Sailing team and we have run a number of regattas to get the entire island involved in this marvellous sport.